Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a tanning session?

The spray tanning process takes about 10-15 minutes. To allow for an initial consultation and proper setup, it is best to have about 30 minutes set aside for your appointment.

What is airbrush tanning?

Airbrush, or spray tanning, is a service provided by a technician using a spray gun to apply a solution directly to the client's skin. The spray gun is attached to an air compressor and ensures a consistent, accurate application.

How long will my tan last?

Spray tan solutions will typically provide a tan lasting between 5-10 days. The tan will gradually fade as your skin exfoliates. Using a spray tan safe moisturizer daily will prolong your results.

Is spray tanning safe?

Yes! The main ingredient in spray tan solutions, DHA, has been approved by the FDA since the 1970's. Spray tanning is a safer alternative to UV tanning as it poses no risk of skin cancer.

What exactly is DHA?

DHA, or Dihydroxiaceton, is an ingredient derived from natural ingredients such as beets and sugar cane. When DHA comes in contact with the amino acids of the skin, it creates a natural reaction that results in the skin appearing tanned.

Will I turn orange?

Not at all. High-quality DHA products with balanced ingredients will not cause an orange color. A certified technician will understand your skin's color and match you with the best DHA solution.

Can I spray tan while pregnant?

Before scheduling a spray tan always consult with your doctor, especially in the first trimester. If you have your doctor's approval, it is best to do a small test patch on your skin as it may be more sensitive during pregnancy. The ingredients in spray tan solutions are FDA approved, but always seek medical guidance when determining what products are safe to use while pregnant.